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Moving images that inspire

Hand-drawn short videos compress dry, complex and abstract topics into entertaining, understandable and memorable eye-catchers. The mix of illustrations, music, and voice-over brings content to life.

If you're wondering which style is right for your project, how long the video should be or what steps it takes to create the finished video, please get in touch with me. I will be happy to advise you without obligation.

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Thanks to Lana's work, PULS4 stood out in the 2015 Vienna elections. And anyone who has worked on projects in this weight class knows that you always end up sitting on complex pieces for longer than planned. Lana is a wonderful partner for such intensive projects - because she draws and animates until the pieces are REALLY finished and everyone involved is satisfied. Everyone benefits from this: the broadcaster, because it gets great images for topics that would otherwise be difficult to translate into images; and the viewers, because these images help them to better understand complex issues.

Dominik Sinnreich
Head of politics
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The fact that Lana was able to turn our rather vague and unstructured ideas into a convincing concept for an explanatory film in just one session blew me away. The realization then seemed like child's play: development of the main graphics, the voiceover and the animation went like clockwork - we were involved in every phase, so that in the end we got exactly the right product, which we didn't know what it should look like at the beginning. Thank you Lana!

Uli Waibel
Secretary General
AAL Austria
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Lana packaged our new digitalization strategy in a video that was enthusiastically received by our colleagues. The collaboration was uncomplicated and the implementation was not only very good, but also impressively fast. Unlike many creatives, she implemented our vision and didn't try to impose hers on us. We had a lot of fun, the result is great and we are looking forward to the next project with her!

Nina Bauregger
Project management Digital Literacy
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I immediately liked Lana's drawing style, but I was particularly impressed by her speed. And it was precisely this speed that we benefited from (due to the advance of our launch date) when we needed an explanatory video within a short space of time. The video style was specially adapted to our CI and individually animated according to our ideas. I can recommend your services with a clear conscience.

Christian Bartosik
Head of Innovation Management
Casinos Austria AG

Examples from practice

Here are a few of my recent projects to give you an idea of what your finished explainer video could look like.

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